Self portrait with Avery

Dear reader/viewer,

My name is Grace Mendoza. I am the mother of two, and the wife of a loving and talented husband. I came a long way from the day I first met Chris. We simply met as a model and photographer, and the rest of it is history. My style of shooting has changed since I picked up my first camera. I went from vibrant colours, to shooting black and white film. Now, my primary subject is my own family. You will rarely see my face or just barely notice me in the background of my photos. The focus of my family/self portraits is our children, and documenting places we’ve been and the things that we do in the most realistic way captured. These may not be your typical family portraits, but this is how I view our lives now and this is how I want it to be remembered.

I am spontaneous and do not like to pre-plan a shoot. I enjoy not knowing what could happen, and pre-planning would just ruin that excitement, for me atleast. The locations and environments in which my photos are taken are all real and not recreated sets. This is it for my introduction, so I hope you enjoy reading/viewing my blogs and feel free to visit my personal website at

– Grace Mendoza


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