Tristen and Pooh Bear

Tristen and Pooh Bear

Dear reader/viewer,

Meet Pooh Bear. Pooh Bear has been in our family since Tristen was born. This is Tristen’s security blanket/toy. When Tristen was a baby, it was the same size as him. He found much comfort with Pooh. It became normal to us to have Pooh around and in almost every picture. Now, at 3 years old he is not as attached 24/7 as he once was…but he still refers to Pooh Bear as his “best friend”. Our youngest – Avery, also has two toy blankets named Blue Bear and Moo Cow. I have a feeling they will be another addition to our family and our photos. They are no Pooh Bear, but it does its job just the same.

Grace Mendoza


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