The shadows in our home

The shadows in our home

Dear reader/viewer,

My thoughts out loud.

I picked up my first digital camera a few years back, and my first film camera not too long ago. My love for photography grew more and more as my eyes opened to a different kind of view. Now that I have been shooting more of my personal photographs in black and white film, I have better understood myself at each click and every photo developed.

For those who know or may not know, my husband and I do commercial paid photoshoots as well. Little to none of it truly reflects our personal photography, but allows us to breathe and live photography whether it be “work” or every other minute of our day.

In the beginning, you couldn’t tell the difference between my commercial and personal photography. I have attempted a few times to try something different by ‘making’ a personal photoshoot happen, but in the end I was not fulfilled.

Since I began shooting in film, my focus has been my family and I. I have never felt so content with my photos until I saw my first film print. My eyes began to see everything in black and white, and this was not like doing a pre-planned photoshoot…instead I was shooting who I loved the most and each photo meant so much more.

The point of shooting my family is not for planned recognition or as props for interesting photos. In the end it is not how people see it, whether people love it, or if my name becomes known for it. I do not overly think about what I am about to take. I just keep my cameras near me at all times. Shooting, especially with children is the most honest photo you can get. Their reactions, expressions, and movements are real. They do not like to be posed, but to be open in their environment and that is just how I want to capture it.

The reason for this particularly long blog of thoughts, is to express myself in words. Incase my photos have not said enough, I wanted to allow you (the viewer/reader) into my world and my eyes. I have realized who and what I love to shoot the most (for my personal photographs) and this is what I am proud to show the world. Welcome to my personal photography, and welcome to our family album.

Grace Mendoza


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